Growing up I always had an interest in art and it’s countless number of mediums in which I could showcase my creativity through. It came as no surprise that I would wind up in art school, pursuing my goal to become a designer. After high school, and 2 deployments to Iraq with the Marine Corps, I put my GI Bill to use and enrolled in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Applying my strong interest in art and design, with the discipline instilled in me through becoming a Marine, kept me focused and committed to becoming the most efficient and creative designer I could be.

I challenge myself by thinking of creative ways to say as much as possible with my designs, keeping them as simple as can be. After all, design is communication, and I prefer not to beat around the bush.

With each project I tackle, I strive to create the most efficient and appealing designs in regards to my client’s wishes. I am not satisfied until my client’s needs are not only met, but greatly exceeded.